Well, Reservoir and Integrated Field Management Services

IPS teams up with AGR to deliver Well & HSEQ, Reservoir, AGR Consultancy, Software and Facilities to the upstream oil and gas industry in Malaysia.

AGR is the leading well, HSEQ, reservoir and field management service company delivering solutions for the entire field life cycle. They also provide tailored training, software and consultancy manpower for their clients globally.

As the largest independent services and software company in the world, AGR has an impressive track record:

  • More than 500 well projects delivered to over 100 clients spanning 6 continents
  • 1,000 reservoir studies in conventional and unconventional environments in only 5 years
  • The drilling of the world’s deepest HPHT wells at 34,000 ft
  • More than 70 wells deeper than 15,000 ft
  • 13 well projects in water depth more than 5,000 ft (1,524 m)
  • Placed 3,000 consultants through its consultancy division
  • Over 25,000 people trained in 45 countries






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